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Luxury Garage Doors Show Off The Car Collection

SWR are proud to have collaborated with APM and Nailormade interior design on this high-end garage project, at a beautiful residential property in rural Ashridge.


The client had an extensive sports car collection and hired APM to transform an existing building into a luxury garage to house them all. Colin Naylor of Nailormade was also brought in to oversee the interior design.

Colin chose Hörmann and ALR F42 Garage Doors due to their association with “quality and performance".

He said: “I particularly like the modern design aesthetic, German build quality and the benefit of lightweight construction. SWR assisted in agreeing the final specs.”

The Products

Hörmann ALR F42 Garage Doors use a commercial based gearing system with a lightweight yet strong aluminium framework of panels that almost any material can be fixed to. This results in an exclusive range of designs and effects for more creative projects.

When combined with glazed sections, the ALR F42 provide an unobstructed view. These are typically seen in car showrooms but prove an ideal fit for a project where displaying the car collection was important.

We recommended synthetic glazed window panels instead of standard glass to achieve the best insulation possible. In addition, the Duratec finish protects the panels from scratches and discolouration to create a product that is every bit as strong as glass.

The Installation

SWR supplied and installed three 3000mm x 2165mm ALR F42 Garage Doors to the requested deadline and specs.

Steven Atkins, Project Manager at APM Design & Build, said: “This was such a cool project for a great client with a designer (Nailormade) that had creative freedom. We got to employ modern methods of construction for one phase and heritage restoration methods for another phase."

“SWR delivered what they said they would and ironed out any issues that arose without hesitation. We’ve used SWR before and would definitely recommend them to others.” Steve Atkins, Project Manager at APM Design

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