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Renson Camargue Extends This Family Home


Deciding on a new installation for your home can take time. Occasionally though you can make a decision within minutes of seeing the product. Just ask Lance and Andrea Green!

“Our initial enquiry was about a new front door. We approached other companies but didn’t really get a good feeling from them. SWR seemed like the right choice due to their range and we liked the fact that they were a local company,” Lance explained.

“We went to the SWR showroom to look at a Hörmann Front Door. They had a Renson Camargue set up and we thought it would look great in our back garden. It was definitely more a case of wanting the Renson rather than needing it.”

After talking to a member of our team, buying a Camargue also started to make practical sense. The couple had carried out significant changes to their home over the past 18 years, which meant they could no longer get planning permission for further extensions.

Pergolas are classed as temporary installations so do not require planning permission. This means a Renson Camargue in the back garden could become a new area of their property to enjoy – complete with heating and other home comforts.

Lance said: “We had a chat with an SWR member of staff and it reinforced our idea that a Renson Camargue would be a suitable alternative to a permanent extension. There was no sales pitch or pressure to buy, which we liked.”

Now with a Renson Camargue ordered to go with their Hörmann Thermopro Front Door, the customers now had two high-quality installations for their home.

The Product

The standard Camargue lets you relax in comfort, regardless of the weather. A stylish louvered roof is made up of horizontal slats that you can move at the touch of a button to let in as much or as little sunlight in as you like.

When closed, the blades also form a waterproof roof to protect from showers. Water is then drained away thanks to the unique design of the blades and integrated gutter system. You can even customise your Camargue with a range of different accessories including wind sensors, glass sliding panels and more to create something unique for your property.

The customer chose to have their Camargue fitted with Fixscreens. These vertical screens will close off your Pergola for added privacy and protect users from the sun, wind and insects. Combined with an integrated heating system, the Greens have created another area of their home for family and friends to enjoy.

The Installation

Fitters from SWR came to the Greens’ house a week before the agreed installation date to dig the foundations and lay concrete for the Camargue. A week later, the team had installed it and wired up the electrics, ready for use. The result is an attractive yet practical pergola that the Greens have no regret buying.

Lance said: “The Renson is nice to sit under, even in the winter as we also have heating fitted. The vertical screens also help to keep in the heat so it’s like another extension to our home. It really is perfect for the unpredictable English weather.”

“We’d definitely recommend SWR to friends. Too many companies have let us down in the past so it’s great to find one that says what they’re going to do and stick to the planned schedule.” Mr L Green

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