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Modern Home Gets Very Modern Improvements

Ever wished for the opportunity to build your dream house? That’s exactly what the Jays got to do over the last couple of years.


This unique property was built completely off site by Richard Mitzman – an award-winning architect. David Jay (one of the homeowners) is a good friend and both strongly believe in environmental responsibility – a principle that has guided the design since the beginning.

Their new home is known as a ‘passive house’: a standard for buildings, which use very little energy. For example, it’s only powered by electricity as opposed to gas while the heat recovery system significantly improves energy efficiency by reducing heating and cooling demands.

Another feature is the living roof. As you can see, the top is covered in vegetation! It’s a natural way to absorb rainwater, lower air temperature and provide insulation.

A passive house needs to be well insulated so the Jays were looking for a front door and garage door that keep in the heat while also complementing the look of their home. SWR were the first company to spring to mind.

David said: “I had previously done business with SWR and found them very efficient. We planned to visit their showroom and speak to the advisors about any recommendations they may have.”

The Products

We recommended the Hӧrmann Thermo46 Entrance Door to meet their requirements for excellent insulation. Its 46mm thickness and thermal break means the door achieves a UD value of up to 1.1W/ (m²K) the industry standard metric for measuring thermal insulation.

A door with a 1.1 rating ensures the customer saves energy and helps to protect the environment – a perfect fit for a house built to achieve passive house status. Although made of steel, the customers chose a Golden Oak finish for a more natural look.

The Hӧrmann LPU 42 Sectional was the best choice for their garage door. The LPU 42 door gives the best possible insulation in the Hӧrmann range thanks to its double-skinned design. A ThermoFrame connection can even be fitted together with the doorframe to help improve thermal insulation by up to 15%.

The garage door is operated quickly and safely thanks to the Hӧrmann BiSecur radio system. Unique encryption technology means the BiSecur’s radio signal can never be copied so only the customer has the power to open it. This coupled with Hӧrmann’s patented latching function means intruders will have an almost impossible task trying to break in.

The Installation

Installing both front door and garage door went very smoothly with no major issues or hurdles encountered. As mentioned before, the customers had used SWR in the past due to their efficiency. It turned out this experience was no different.

“The personal service was very good and any problems that arose were dealt with promptly and efficiently. I’m very likely to recommend SWR to friends and family.” Mr Jay

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