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Sliding Doors Bring the Outside In

When you have an impressive outdoor space, it’s best to make the most of it. One way to do that is to invest in some high-quality glass doors to get a full view of the garden.


Angela and Joe Mellen were after sliding doors for their beautiful home in St. Albans. They visited the Solarlux Showroom in Welwyn Garden City, one of Europe’s most renowned manufacturers, and loved the Cero II Sliding Doors.

Angela said: “We liked the quality, feel, aesthetics, and specification of the Solarlux Cero. Especially the minimalist looks and ergonomics. We chose SWR to supply and install the door as they were recommended by Solarlux.”

“We visited the SWR Showroom to have a look at other products and speed up the process of the quote.”

The Products

The Solarlux Cero II is a multi-award winning sliding door system that boasts incredibly slim frames and profiles for maximum transparency. In fact, The Cero II is composed of 98% glass. This combined with a sight line of just 34mm, results in a minimalist design and a complete view of your outdoor space.

Despite its slender profile, the Cero II is thermally insulated with double-glazing and is certified to the highest security standard. This includes anti-burglary protection class RC2 and 2-point locking rod with adjustable locking points. You can also connect to various systems such as alarms, lock monitoring, broken glass sensors, and more.

Angela said: “The size of our windows (overlooking the garden) are 7m wide and 2.2m in height. We chose a three panel Cero II with central sliding door not only for the best view but to have access to our garden at the upper ground level, bringing the outside in.”

The Installation

The fitters had to use a pulley system to lift the sliding doors into place before work could be carried out. Despite tricky positioning, the SWR team completed the installation on time and with no drawbacks.

““We would definitely recommend SWR for installing products. They are lovely people who care about their work.” Angela Mellen

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