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Commercial Alfresco Solutions

Extend your outdoor space and make it usable all year round.

Product Ranges

Markilux Products


The traditional way of creating shading outside your premise. Perfect for Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, that need extra space out the front, back or side. Fully automated modern designs available in a wide range or colours. They can also display your brand logo or company name.

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Looking to cover a larger area? Markilux Pergola offers a sturdy solution, with its end posts securely fixed to the ground, it allows for projection of up to 6 metres. The height is also adjustable, allowing for a pitched fabric, great for keeping customers cool or out of the rain.

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Free Standing

When you need shading away from your building, the Markilux free standing awning can provide up to 60m2 of sun and rain protected space. Ideal for businesses and schools, the combination of eye-catching appearance and sturdy construction, ensures there’s a solution for everyone.

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Markant Line

This stunning addition to restaurants, hotels, cafes and pubs is attracting business owners who see the return on investment by being able to book the outside space whatever the weather. The open air season has officially opened. All year round.

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Optional Extras

Enhance your Markilux Markant with a range of high-quality extras. Whether its LED lighting, remote technology or optional vertical awning, all are designed to enrich your outdoor experience.

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Signwriting on Covers and Valances

Add Your Own Logo

Send us your lettering or logo and we will be happy to quote for colour, as well as for monochrome printing.

There are three standard printing processes we offer:

  • Stencil Printing
  • Thermo-transfer Printing
  • Digital Printing

Thermo Printing

Only for Valances

  • Least expensive for smaller budgets and short term advertising campaigns
  • The signwriting is applied using a thermal transfer process
  • Limited light fastness - so will fade in time
  • Less durable than the stencil process

Stencil Printing

For Valances and Covers

  • High quality and durable textile signwriting for large valances and covers
  • Extremely durable - Three coats of colour
  • Very good light fastness and resistance to UV
  • The signwriting is applied manually using several stencils, which are made by hand

Digital Printing

For Large Areas and Covers

  • The new printing technique offering unlimited possibilities
  • Ideal for large areas and detailed images
  • Realistic representation of logos and photos, just about anything is possible

Renson Products

Camargue Line

Both stylish and functional, a beautiful Renson Camargue will become the focal point of any outdoor space. It has a fully retractable watertight louvered roof, which at the touch of a button, maximises the British weather come rain or shine.

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Algarve Line

Simple and practical, the Algarve Outdoor Canopy complements any outdoor space. Rotating louvre blades mean you decide the amount of sunlight and ventilation to create the ideal environment. A discreet gutter system directs all water through the internal drainage system, acting like a true extension.

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Optional Extras

Your Renson is amazing as it is but you can make it even better. Choose from heating elements, LED lighting, speakers, sliding doors and more to turn your outdoor shelter into a true extension of your business.

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Commercial Infrared Heating

Low Glare

These infrared heaters include low glare features such as gold reflectors and special lamps. They add elegance to their surroundings and fit discreetly into commercial environments.

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No Glare Ceramic

The Tansun Eclipse boasts no-glare heating and far-infrared technology for 35% more energy efficiency than lower spec models. Perfect for commercial and hospitality settings.

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Free Standing

360° shortwave infrared heat brings instant warmth within 35 m² of your freestanding heater. The Riviera Elite’s versatility also means it is ideal for commercial restaurant settings.

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We have a full range of universal bracketry for infrared heaters. All designed for quick installation and easy positioning.

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Glass Balustrade Systems

Modular Glass

Usually comprised of posts, base or wall mounts and glass brackets supporting a glass infill. Although, due to the modular nature of this system the possibilities are virtually limitless as any of our modular components can be combined to meet your exact requirements.

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Glass Channel

Constructed with an aluminium base profile which the glass pane is fixed into. This achieves a beautifully clean appearance and gives a view that is less obscured. The system can also be fitted with hand rails that sit directly on top of the glass pane.

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Wind Shields

A wider and stronger base profile enables the glass panes to be even greater in height than standard glass channel systems. Ideal if you want a wind breaker that will not obscure the views. It can even be used as a room divide by means of floor to ceiling glass panes.

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Juliet Balconies

Slender and subtle, your aluminium mounts are fixed either side of a glass pane to achieve a sleek and minimal look for your french balcony. This system can be mounted onto almost any surface including plastic, metal, wood, concrete or stone. Even directly to uPVC frames.

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Glass Spigot

This allows virtually all the edges of the glass pane to be exposed to create an airy and spacious look for uninterrupted views. Glass spigots are non-invasive and the understated design provides great drainage due to the open based construction.

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Glass Adapters

If you want a minimal or subtle looking glass balustrade system but mounted from the side rather than base then look no further. Combining structural glass and glass-adapters, this system can provide fall protection for a variety of applications such as staircases or balconies.

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Millboard Decking

Millboard decking isn’t merely an imitation of wood: it’s an improvement. Not only moulded from selected timber, Millboard decking is also hand coloured for unmatched authenticity. The result is the luxurious appearance of wood with even more benefits. Look below for all Millboard’s collections and get what’s best for your outdoor space today.

Enhanced Grain

Moulded from selected smooth timber, Millboard’s Enhanced Grain provides all the benefits of real wood with none of the drawbacks. Hand colouring recreates the look of natural wood while the composite material provides excellent durability and anti-slip properties.

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Weathered Oak

Aged wood is a desirable look for decking thanks to its timeless appearance. Millboard’s Weathered Oak is moulded from 100 year-old timber to provide the sophisticated appearance you desire. In addition, the decking is hand coloured for even more authenticity.

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The Lasta-Grip® collection has all the qualities of Enhanced Grain with the added feature of a unique textured design to maximise slip resistance. It also doesn’t have the rough feel of conventional gritted strip so safety is never compromised for aesthetics.

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Edging & Accessories

Give your Millboard decking the perfect finish. All parts are shaded to match while the Plas-Pro sub frame system is made from 100% recycled plastic. The results are parts which need little maintenance while also being fully protected against insect attacks and damp.

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Leaside Hotel

Markilux Syncra Free-Standing Awning

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